Intro to Tezonians

10,000 unique digital characters on the Tezos blockchain.

Tezonians NFT Collection and tDAO Governance Token

We are a 100% self funded project run by a fellow Tezonian!


The Tezonians are one of the first NFT series on Tezos.
We set out with a mission of connecting with the true spirit of the Tezos community, branding ourselves as the Tezonians, a name which is often used to refer to someone who is a Tezos enthusiast, community member, contributor, grantee, baker, taco lover, Tezos OG, or just in general a fan of Tezos.
We want to not only bring awareness to the Tezos blockchain by creating an innovative model for other artists and developers to follow, we also want to give the community some fun Taco characters to make memes with 🌮.
In all seriousness, we are embarking on a long journey of creativity, governance, defi, and exploration in which we hope is well recieved and recognized within the Tezos Community!

Tezonians NFTs

Over the course of the coming months we will release 10,000 unique digital characters on the Tezos blockchain as definied by a specific set of attributes. The architecture of the Tezonians collection took us a lot of time to engineer, which makes for an awesome collectible set of Tezonian Characters.
Each Characher sold will have a 10% royalty attached to both the primary and secondary sales.
As we continue to build out the project the Tezonians NFTs will be given more utility within our ecosystem 😉​

Taco DAO (tDAO) Governance Token

We have added an innovative Governance Token to make decisions on the perpetual royalties that are associated with all Tezonian NFT sales. In due time we will build out a DAO infrastructure in which tDAO holders can vote on proposals such as the following examples:
  • Adding Royalties to LPs
  • Using Royalties to Seed Farming Pools
  • Using Royalties to Purchase other NFT artwork.
  • Using Royalties to Purchase tDAO
Find our current releases on Kalamint​
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