A list of promotional ideas and partnerships.

What is your ideal partnership?

Our project is ultimately driven by the circulation of the Tezonians NFTs, we want to work with anyone who can provide demand to the primary and secondary markets for the Tezonians NFTs.
We also prioritize partnerships that increase the demand to deposit liquidity in the tDAO / XTZ liquidity pool on Quipuswap, such as farming.

Can we coordinate on a new Tezonians NFT Drop?

Yes, we welcome anyone who wants to collaborate on a Tezonians NFT Drop. Here are some ideas:
  • Dropping our new Tezonians releases on your NFT Minting Platform (must have royalties feature).
  • Tezonians NFTs awarded to Participants in your Tezdrop as increased incentive.
  • Multiplying your Yield Farm Rewards for holders of a Tezonians NFT.

How can we reach out?

You can either Direct Message @Tezonians or you can fill out this form: