Governance Token for The Tezonians NFT Collection

Taco DAO - FA2 id: 0 - Tezos Token Standard

$tDAO | #TacoDAO | #tDAO
Token Name: Taco DAO
Token Symbol: tDAO
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000
Decimal: 4
Token Contract Address: KT1Cjx8hYwzaCAke6rLWoZBLp8w89VeAduAR
ID: 0
$ give me taco-dao 🌮 🚀
Coming soon... The holders of tDAO will be able to vote based on their network weight.

Adding a Custom Token to Quipuswap

Under the Swap tab enter the following
Contract Address: KT1Cjx8hYwzaCAke6rLWoZBLp8w89VeAduAR
Token ID: 0

Adding (tDAO / XTZ) Liquidity to Quipuswap

Under the Invest tab enter the following
Token Deposit: XTZ
Token Deposit: tDAO
Amount: Select your amount in XTZ and it will calculate the amount in tDAO. You must have equal value in each side.
Add Liquidity: Click and Confirm the Transaction