Information on the token distributions for tDAO

tDAO Supply Infomation

Fixed Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 tDAO
Circulating Supply: 650,982,600 tDAO = initial_quipuswap_liquidity_pool_seeded_by_team + tezdrop
We will activly update the circulating supply here.
Initial QuipuSwap Liquidity Pool Seeded by Team: 500,000,000 tDAO (vs. 100 XTZ)
Tezdrop 1: 150,982,600 tDAO
Farming: 150,000,000 tDAO (Distribution Rate TBD)
Marketing, Development, Partnerships, and Tezdrops: 99,017,400 tDAO
Team: 100,000,000 tDAO (Unlocked at 3 Months)
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